I sent your post to them:
Address: 388-A , Road no 22, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad AP, INDIA-500033

 Email: cont...@tutorialspoint.com

 Website: www.tutorialspoint.com

On Monday, 26 January 2015 at 18:12:59 UTC, Carl Sturtivant wrote:

Go to

and click "Try It!" on the upper right hand corner of the sample code to compile it. Their D compiler installation is defective. The same is true for all such in that tutorial that I tried. I am also posting this to dlang.org as they ignored my earlier attempt to communicate about this. Here's what happens in the browser. Maybe someone else can get through to them.

Compiling the source code....
$dmd -I./ main.d -ofdemo.amx 2>&1

Error: cannot find source code for runtime library file 'object.d' dmd might not be correctly installed. Run 'dmd -man' for installation instructions.
import path[0] = ./
import path[1] = /usr/local/dmd2/druntime/import
import path[2] = /usr/local/dmd2/phobos
import path[3] = /usr/bin/../../src/phobos
import path[4] = /usr/bin/../../src/druntime/import

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