Harbored-mod (https://github.com/kiith-sa/harbored-mod) is a
documentation generator based on Brian Schott's Harbored that
supports both DDoc and Markdown in documentation comments.

Examples of generated docs

* Public imports in a package.d:
* Class with a template parameter, member functions and aliases:
* Simple DDoc See_Also: section:
* Note: DDoc section with some markdown:

Release highlights

* Automatic cross-referencing in code blocks and inline code

* New (and now default) output format: "aggregated" HTML;
  generate documentation files only for aggregates (modules,
  structs, classes, etc.) and document non-aggregate members
  (functions, variables, etc.) in these files.

  The previous, DDox compatible format, where a separate file
  is generated for every symbol, is still supported through
  the `--format=html-simple` option.

* Various style and usability improvements
* Major refactoring
* Many bugfixes

Full changelog:

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