On Monday, 9 February 2015 at 04:27:06 UTC, Kelly wrote:
Thanks, just got that tangled mess of templates that is std::string working too:

Hey Elie, this is great stuff, as usual. I have written a test file for bitset here also (including a couple failures I am sure you are aware of, but others might want to see what works and what doesn't).

Hi Kelly,

Good to see bitset instantiating and basically working too! Can I add your code to the tests?

So yes to clear things up a bit, operators are still missing and so are many other features. Off the top of my head:

- Function templates => the groundwork is here, they're already mapped and it
shouldn't be too difficult to get them instantiating from D
- Operators => probably easy to add although there might be differences between C++ and D operators - Functions with class values parameters aren't even mapped yet, since I haven't made my mind on how to handle class values. Despite the "POD or not" issue it still feels more consistent to treat C++ classes like D classes, while adding C++ class value types to DMD's types like C++ reference types were with TypeReference (which makes C++ variables with reference types usable but which can't be assigned as the types of D variables) - C++ reference types are supported by DMD but not by LDC yet, they only work for function parameters and return types since Calypso replace them by "ref"

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