Exciting news, my book on CTFE is out[0].

To summarize, it contains most of my knowledge of CTFE in a generic'ish form with examples being in D.

There is a bit of talk of what support there can be and what we have.
The design patterns are probably the most interesting.

If you have any improvements or find any issues e.g. stray hyphens (Copied directly from Word wasn't a good idea) please let me know.

The size of the book is around 51 pages.
I understand if you do not consider it worth $15USD so the minimum price is $5USD.

If there is demand I can create an extra package (will cost) that contains full examples on how to use the design patterns.

Leanpub support sending to Kindle and will you give you a pdf, mobi and epub versions.

[0] https://leanpub.com/ctfe

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