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Hello everybody,

I'm the current translator of Ali Cehreli's book in French. You can find
it there:


So far, I translated 48 chapters, and I began the 49th.

My work is versioned here:

SSH:   g...@gitorious.org:programmez-en-d/programmez-en-d.git
HTTPS: https://gitorious.org/programmez-en-d/programmez-en-d.git

I write here today to announce that despite my efforts, I'm afraid I
can't find enough time and energy to keep translating the book anymore.
There are just too many things to get done beside this project.

I am willing to organize a translation group to finish the translation
to get this wonderful piece of work within French speaking people's reach.

Is anybody interested? Don't hesitate to send me an email if you are
willing to get involved, even for the smallest task. There are no small
tasks when a work is to get completed. I will tell you how to help.

ps: Due to technical reasons, I lost corrections people brought by using
the correction module present on the page. I'm really sorry for this.
This mean there are known errors in the current translation. This also
mean proofreading is also absolutely needed.

If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to tell me, I'll try to
answer the best I can do.

Thanks for your attention,


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