On Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at 08:52:33 UTC, Kelly wrote:
Hello Elie,

I just pushed a small pull request for fromTypeTemplateSpecialization. I forgot to mention in the request that the changes allow bitset.d to be compiled and run again.

Thanks for looking into this, I'll check your PR.

With those changes all the examples compile and run again. There are still two errors when compiling vector.d. Clang errors when making the pch file. LDC2 still runs and produces a working binary anyways.

Not sure what you are working on, but I can look at those errors if you like.

Are these errors occurring when Clang generates the PCH or later in the semantic pass? There might be errors during the instantiation of member functions of class templates because Calypso tries to instantiate everything (whereas Clang instantiates them lazily), but it's no big deal, later they'll be made silent.

BTW I just pushed support for function template instantiation.

So lately thanks to a bit of free time there has been quite a lot of new features implemented: overloaded operators, function templates, and groundwork for class value types (they were added to the AST as a new semi-hackish kind of type, they make mapping any C++ type possible but they can't be used directly from D code yet).

Operators should make std::map usable, so I'm going to resume testing further STL types.

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