On Friday, 20 February 2015 at 02:21:01 UTC, Brian Schott wrote:
dfmt is a D source code formatting tool.



I've been using clang-format lately for my C++ code and it's really blown me away how good it is. It's not opinionated about how things should be, it just does whatever style you've set it to. The Visual Studio plugin they have just gives me a keyboard shortcut and when I hit it, it formats the current line or selection.

I waste almost no time formatting code now. I just type and hit the format key and move on. If it formatted something differently than how I would have done it I just let it be because how it formatted is usually almost as good anyway. I feel like it's been as big of boon to my coding speed as learning vim was.

From what I understand they implemented a LaTeX style weighted line breaker which would explain why it works so much better than a typical code formatter. It's very smart about how it does line breaks. This seems to make all the difference.

This is all to say I hope dfmt becomes as awesome as clang-format is at some point. Hopefully I can find some time to contribute.

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