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can you point me to a DL of 3.14 for windows?

I have been using msys2.  The mingw-w64 ports work
well and include an x86 and x86_64 version.


thanks for the info. however, i am not familiar with this project. to be 
honest, it is not quite clear to me what MSYS2 is good for or who would need 
it. the dox are very slim. so before i dig too deep into what looks like a lot 
of trouble/work, may i ask you this:

after original & package installation & setup & whatnot, will i end up with a 
dedicated gtk3 folder somewhere that acts as a (self-sufficient) runtime environment - 
i.e., will i be able to just zip this folder, distribute it to colleagues, unzip it and set 
the windows path to include the gtk/bin and then gkt 3.14+ can be used on this computer?

if not, MSYS2 would be of no use to me.


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