On Wed, 11 Mar 2015 11:48:27 -0500, captaindet wrote:

> one question regarding 32 vs 64 bit MSYS2:
> i am on 64bit win7, but for the time being i only use the dmd toolchain, 
> i.e., i create 32bit executables using optlink. so i need the 32bit GTK3 to 
> call into.
> quite confusingly MSYS2 i686 (32bit) created a mingw32 and a mingw64 folder. 
> so i was wondering if i could - or rather should - install MSYS2 x86_64 
> (64bit) after all and then be able to use the mingw32 folder for my 32bit D 
> applications? would this be possible just by installing the one gtk3 package 
> you mentioned (mingw-w64-i686-gtk3)?

If your plan is to just install packages, it doesn't really matter. I use the
x86_64 msys2 on my 64bit machines.

> and it also allows using the latest version of glade!

And more!


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