On Sunday, 15 March 2015 at 01:15:51 UTC, Xavier Bigand wrote:
The "DML engine" is almost finished. This night we worked on the file reloading. This will allow direct update of GUI when modifying lua files without loosing states. For example if you only modify the color property of a Rectangle item it will be the only thing that will be updated (and binded properties will be update).

Once the "DML engine" polished, we'll progress on the render part and the event system.

We hope finding more time to work on it this year.


Hi. great news. I think D must have some unifying projects to
break through, with tools easing programming.
That's probably not the right place to ask, but how to get
involved in the project? The todo list is quite old now. how to
take part to the project?

Thank you

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