On Monday, 16 March 2015 at 13:11:56 UTC, weaselcat wrote:
An example of a simple but fundamental issue are the defaults of the built-in attributes. I think some of them, for historical or compatibility reasons, are currently simply the wrong way around (pure, @safe, final and scope should really all be enabled by default, with scope providing recursive guarantees) and using them properly completely destroys the initial idea of having a clean language syntax. It's sometimes really sad to see modern idiomatic D code degrading into a mess of attributes and contract syntax noise. After all, a clean syntax used to be one of the key selling points.

+1 for this entire paragraph, sometimes D looks simple and elegant, other times it looks like someone puked attributes.

Rust code is safe by default and it is littered with unsafe{ } blocks. It is also immutable by default and it is littered with the 'mut' keyword.

I think D absolutely choose the good defaults everytime but some attribute don't buy enough compared to the line-noise they generate.

For these reasons I mostly ignore pure, nothrow, @safe, immutable etc... in routine code and only put them when the code is especially reusable and somehow won't change much.

Since D1 I really value the ability to make bad code quickly in time-contrained situations.

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