On Wednesday, 25 March 2015 at 21:37:09 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
This release adds support for the just released DMD 2.067.0 frontend. There are also some preparatory changes in vibe.core.sync (TaskMutex etc.) for planned nothrow related changes to D's mutexes and object monitors. These changes lead to a changed behavior when TaskMutex'es are mixed with the Task.interrupt() functionality. If your code uses both, please have a look at the change log for more details.

Other notable changes:

- Defining either of VibeDefaultMain or VibeCustomMain is now required. VibeCustomMain will be removed and made the default behavior in one of the future releases (instead of the current default, VibeDefaultMain).

- The REST interface generator now accepts @queryParam and @bodyParam annotations to customize how parameters are mapped to the REST protocol.

- The serialization framework now supports policy based customization. This allows to configure the serialized representation of a type without touching its definition.

- The Diet template parser has received a number of fixes and now supports prepend/default mode for blocks, as well treating lines starting with "<" as plaintext (for inline HTML lines)

The full list of changes/fixes can be found at

Homepage: http://vibed.org/
DUB package: http://code.dlang.org/packages/vibe-d
GitHub: https://github.com/rejectedsoftware/vibe.d

Thank you for amazing work!

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