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> https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/30ad8b/why_gos_design_is_a_disservice_to_intelligent/
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The reaction in the Go community to this article has been exactly as 
one would have anticipated. I paraphrase the common theme thus:  Go is 
successful in the market, D isn't, therefore Go is a better language 
than D.  Go does indeed have much greater market penetration, but I 
leave it as an exercise for the reader to deduce the sophistry, and 
indeed casuistry, in most of the argumentation.

Interestingly, or not, Erlang and Go are bringing better concurrency 
and parallelism to Java. If there was some design/programming 
resource, is would be good to revisit D's std.concurrency and 
std.parallelism, in the light of the fibres stuff, to do something not 
dissimilar to the Quasar framework so as to provide an integrated 
actor/dataflow/CSP/data parallelism framework for D. As GPars has 
shown, trying to do this stuff on volunteer labour alone just doesn't 

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