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> Have you actually thought about these issues or done performance 
> tests?

The Go team certainly have, and have changed their goroutine model twice
because of it. No matter what they do in Go 0.0 →1.4, 1.5 onwards will
be different since the who system is being revised: Go implemented Go
toolchain, new GC, new runtime. I suspect Go 1.6 will be the watershed
for this, but that will likely be 2016.

The question is though what should happen in D. If Vibe.d fibres are a
single threaded system, then they are not suitable for the actor,
dataflow, CSP implementation needed in D since that must sit on a kernel
thread pool where each lightweight thread is animated by whichever work
stealing kernel thread comes along. Erlang, Go, GPars, Quasar, etc. all
have different solutions to the problem of thread pools and task
switching since the context is all important.

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