On Sunday, 29 March 2015 at 12:50:38 UTC, cym13 wrote:
Nim seems quite interesting indeed, even if I'm not sure how well it scales. It looks like a language that is prowd of a heavy use of macros and DSL definition à la lisp.

Nim is also too young to know if it stays around.

However, I can't see a pythonista being excited in Dart at all, at least not for what he finds in python. More restricted in any way, no clear functional orientation possible, a clear lack

Actually, there is quite a large overlap if you look beyond the syntax. Dart is completely unexciting, but I also find it very productive when used with the IDE. I don't think any language without comprehensions can attract Python programmers for real, but the recent Dart 1.9 release also have compact Pythonesque generators (iterators/ranges) as you can see on the link above so I like the direction they are taking now.

Anyway, my point was more that making Python a target means you have to compete with a large set of other languages in the same vein. In the system language area you only have C++/Rust so it is an easier target. Unfortunately C++ still has a lot of advantages over other languages for real world projects, so it will remain my system level language until a better language starts polishing their low level stuff... :-/

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