On Sunday, 29 March 2015 at 19:09:52 UTC, Laeeth Isharc wrote:
As an active Python developer, what would you add to or change about the following:

I like this article very much. IMO python's generators and list comprehensions are the two things that are the most difficult to replace when switching to another language. Hence I would explicitely make a link with list comprehensions in the UFCS paragraph because it is not obvious. I would also add a little paragraph about ranges to make the link from generators (but maybe not with an example as it may be scarier than it really is).

In the same way of making the parallel with python, many developers seem to use python for web serveurs nowadays. It would be great to include a link to vibe.d in the article. Something simple like "or web server developments with vibe.d" thrown in a sentence.

Also, but this one would be a sensible addition, I'm sorry to see that nothing is said about purity or safety. I definitely think that it can be a good selling argument, even if it goes beyond the goal "Writting Python in D".

Otherwise, I find the article very good. It emphasis the good points, even those that are often forgotten like dub (because pypi is so important in python).

I'll try giving it to some friends to see what they think about it :)

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