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dfmt is a D source code formatter. Version 0.3.0 fixes several bugs and introduces the ability to place configuration options in your projects' .editorconfig files.

Random stats:
9000 possible bike shed colours
2555 lines (according to wc)
1477 lines of code (according to D-Scanner)
98 regression tests
11 issues closed in this release
2 ways to spell "color"

Looks nice. BTW, it looks like the editorconfig format has something called "Domain-Specific Properties"(https://github.com/editorconfig/editorconfig/wiki/EditorConfig-Properties#ideas-for-domain-specific-properties) - configurations that only make sense for a limited number of languages or file formats. Some of dfmt-specific properties can fit there - for example dfmt_brace_style can be indent_brace_style. The other dfmt-specific properties can not be mapped to that list, but most of them are not really D-specific, so you can make PRs for properties you want to reserve the name.
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