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It measures stats about D built from D's entire GitHub history, as well as those of programs built with said D versions. Currently only two programs are tested (empty program and "hello world"), so please send PRs for meaningful benchmarks. Adding new programs is very easy: http://j.mp/1I7ELEc.

You can find a few self-contained benchmarks at https://github.com/D-Programming-Dash. This is the compiler performance CI project I started a while ago, but unfortunately couldn't quite finish yet due to life/academia getting in the way. My focus for this project was a bit different, though. I primarily collected real-world test cases instead of trying to focus on the most "meaningful" ones, and there is quite a number of them. The history tracking display mode is not written yet, and the UI lacks a lot of tooltips, etc.

(In case anybody is curious what the current state looks like: http://dash.klickverbot.at/dash1/compare/gdc_main:release_boundschecked@current..ldc_master:release_boundschecked@current. It seems that the system hit a GitHub API rate limit from which it failed to recover some time in January, though, so there are no recent results. Also, the server currently runs in debug mode and I didn't put any effort into front-end optimizations yet, so expect it to be slow.)

 — David

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