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On Monday, 18 May 2015 at 19:59:08 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:

I just booked a car, but could cancel it. Anyone from the area know whether it's worth having a car there or should I just book a shuttle
to/from the airport?

The Salt Lake and Utah county areas are a bit of a sprawl but our public
transit is one of the better in the United States.

Went the shuttle route. If anyone interested, it's $68 round trip ($34
each way) to Orem via http://www.expressshuttleutah.com/

Roundtrip lightrail/train (TRAX/Frontrunner) from the airport to Orem's
Hampton Inn is $11, I believe.

Doesn't work for me I think because of the late arrival time (10 pm), thanks for the info though.

BTW, my first dconf, I tried public transportation in San Francisco. Got to my hotel after 2 hours of bus/train for what is about a 30 minute drive. Only cost me $7 though!

I like the shuttle idea :)

BTW, I will stress again that I'm going to be at the hotel all day Tuesday (and without a car) if anyone is interested in hanging out :)


I'm in Salt Lake City from this Saturday evening, so anyone who's around early, feel free to get in touch (john dot loughran dot colvin at gmail).

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