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>> Inspired by ponce idioms list for D I've set up something >> similar. >> There are some themes in D which come up regulary and are >> discussed to the vomit. If something is agreed, it gets >> forgotten sometimes and the theme disappears into oblivion >> (for a few months :P). To prevent this, I've collected some >> hot-discussed themes, their history and their current >> state. I hope this helps to avoid unnecessary discussions >> in the future and finally cut off these issues (either with >> an official decision "Nope, keep as it is" or with an >> implementation).
>> I've tried to stay as objective as possible, but if >> something seems to be too subjective, please let me know, >> so I can fix it.
>> http://dgame.github.io/dneeds/
> negation of attributes: > https://github.com/Kozzi11/dmd/tree/rever_attr

No final(false)? :(

I will probably implement all variants (final!bool, !final, final(bool),
default), if I have a enought spare time.

All right. I'm curious. ;)

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