On 6/4/15 8:04 AM, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:

This is positively AWESOME. A few random comments as I notice things:

* "Welcome, Guest." -> "Welcome, Guest. You may read or post without creating an account. Accounts (<a>create</a>/<a>login</a>) save your name, avatar, and subscriptions."

* "28 threads and 168 posts have been posted in the last 24 hours." -> "28 threads and 168 posts have been posted in the last 24 hours by x posters (y newly registered)." Print the paren if y > 0.

* If the account is logged in, same paragraph: "Since your last visit, x new threads and y new posts have been posted by z posters (t newly registered)."

* The total posts and threads are not super interesting. Total users may be.

* "D Programming Language - General" -> "D Programming Language - Community"

* Traffic info should be added to descriptions. E.g. "Announcements for anything D related (low traffic, x posts in the last 7 days)".

* "mailing list" in the last column is awkward because it's broken into two rows. Use "mailman" - those who care for mailing list are bound to already know what it means.

* After the name of the forum ("Learn", "General" etc) there should be a paren: "(28 unread)". Or see below:

* The "Threads" and "Posts" columns are not that informative. The number of posts since the list has been ever created may be good to know, but it's hardly information one cares about or tracks. However, threads with unread messages and unread posts might be more interesting. Not sure where the global counters could be moved sensibly.

* The forum names ("Learn", "General" etc) should be in a different font. Maybe code font would be nice.

* I don't know how to change view modes. Clicking on a forum name takes to the threaded views, and there's no UI to change it.

Again, this is awesome work!!


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