Dfix 0.2.2:
* Fixed a bug that caused the string concatenation fix to be applied
  inside of "deprecated" attributes. I plan to revert this fix if
  dmd starts accepting `deprecated("string1" ~ "string2")`

Dfmt 0.4.0-beta1 and 0.3.6
* Fix a spacing bug with function contracts

* Introduced support for `// dfmt off` and `// dfmt on` comments
* Added the ability to configure spacing around the `:` in selective
* Added the ability to configure indentation of case statements.
* Added the ability to configure indentation of attribute declarations.
* Added the ability to configure formatting of labeled loops.

D-Scanner 0.2.0-beta1
* Fixed several bugs in the lint checks.
* Added support for generating Emacs etags files.
* `--imports` option can now work on more than one file at a time
* Added undocumented public declaration check.
* Added unused label check.
* Added check for variables with the same name as labels.
* Added check for redundant parenthesis.
* Added "line" field to ctags output to work with the Tagbar plugin better. * Unused variable declaration check is now disabled inside of __traits
* Undocumented declaration check is disabled for things marked
  "deprecated" or "@disable".
* Undocumented declaration check ignores @property functions.

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