Am Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:46:38 +0000
schrieb "Dicebot" <>:

>      - provides systemd service : `sudo systemctl enable dcd.service` to 
> start automatically upon system startup

Is it really a system-wide server? I can see how it might be
technically necessary due to how systemd works and how you
would need to pass a different IP port for every user.
On the other hand, every user can add imports at runtime and
shut the server down. They might even have to, if they want to
switch projects and clean up the import path list.

>      - provides default /etc/dcd.conf with stdlib paths for Arch Linux

Should work so long noone gives root a XDG_CONFIG_HOME or
writes to /root/.config/dcd/dcd.conf. Just contemplating if
when running as system wide service it should generally read
from /etc/[dcd/]dcd.conf instead of user directories. Maybe
via a --system option to dcd-server.


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