On Saturday, 13 June 2015 at 07:19:45 UTC, Hans-Albert Maritz wrote:
I'm integrating the dscanner analysis tools now, but for scanning an entire project it would be awesome to use DCD's existing cache. I'm relatively new to D but I think a possible solution would be to implement a plugin system for DCD where applications can instruct DCD to dynamically load and execute the plugin through an interface. This would avoid the need for the IDE and DCD to both maintain their own cache of the parsed modules. An example plugin would be a dscanner analysis plugin.

Do you think this would be something of worth for me to pursue and possibly integrate with DCD?

I'm working on pulling the symbol cache out of DCD for use in the next versions of several of my tools. Be warned that none of this work is stable yet, or as the old map makers used to say, "Here be dragons":


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