The project that has taken me away from Derelict since the end of February is now available for pre-order at [1]. I'm currently about 60% through the preliminary draft stage and, given that I've recently acquired a significant amount of free time in my schedule, expect to accelerate my pace on the remaining 40%. I need as much time as I can make for the revisions!

I want to emphasize that "Learning D" is not aiming at those completely new to programming. The target reader is someone with some experience in a C family language. I see it as sitting somewhere between Ali's book and TDPL. One of my overarching goals is to help the target reader avoid some of the common mistakes people make when applying C++ or Java idioms to D.

So far in the course of writing this book, I've learned that I knew less about the fundamentals of D than I thought I did and that the more difficult parts of the language aren't so difficult. The tech reviewers have given excellent feedback and done a fine job of correcting my misconceptions & mistakes. I don't know how they feel about being named publicly just yet, but they all have my sincerest thanks. I know how tiring and time-consuming it can be to do that sort of thing, as reviewing the English in the papers of Korean doctoral candidates, professors and businessmen is something I do on the side.

Once it's all done, I'm going to blog a postmortem about the whole process. It's been very, very different from my experience with "Learn to Tango with D". Not a bad experience at all, just more intense and time-consuming than I had anticipated.


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