New update to Scriptlike: A library to aid in writing script-like programs in D.


API Reference:


Full changelog:


In this version:
- Change: Split "scriptlike.file" and "scriptlike.path" into the following:
    - scriptlike.core
    - scriptlike.file.extras
    - scriptlike.file.wrappers
    - scriptlike.path.extras
    - scriptlike.path.wrappers
Utilizes package.d to retain ability to import "scriptlike.file" and "scriptlike.path".

- Change: Convert changelog from markdown to ddox so links are more readable.

- Enhancement: Add (opt-in) command echoing to most functions in "scriptlike.file".

- Enhancement: Add "yap" and "yapFunc" as improved versions of to-be-deprecated "echoCommand".

- Fixed: Make "escapeShellArg" const-correct.

- Fixed: Make "Path.toRawString" and "Ext.toRawString" both be "pure @safe nothrow".
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