Update to gen-package-version:

Automatically generate a D module with version and timestamp information (detected from git or Mercurial/hg) every time your program or library is built. You can also generate a DDOC macro file (using the --ddoc=dir switch.) In-between builds will automatically have their own VCS-generated version number, including the VCS commit hash.

Now, by default, gen-package-version will NOT re-generate the output files if the only difference is the build timestamp. So it won't trigger unnecessary rebuilds of your project.

Usage is easy. Pop this in your dub.json:
"dependencies": {
    "gen-package-version": "~>1.0.0"
["dub run gen-package-version -- your.package.name --root=$PACKAGE_DIR --src=path/to/src"]

And then import:
import your.package.name.packageVersion;

writeln("My Cool Program ", packageVersion);
writeln("Built on ", packageTimestamp);

Full changelog:

New in this version:
- Change: The generated 'packageTimestamp' is changed from ISOExt format to human readable. The ISOExt formatted version is now called 'packageTimestampISO'.

- Change: Value for '--module=' is no longer allowed to contain periods.

- Enhancement: Basic ability to be used as a library. See the README for details.

- Enhancement: Add '-r|--root' to support projects in any directory, not just the current directory.

- Enhancement: Minor improvements to '--verbose' and '--trace' outputs.

- Fixed: Don't update the version file (and thus trigger a project rebuild) if the version file doesn't need updated. Bypass this check with the new '--force' flag.

- Fixed: Don't rebuild gen-package-version if not needed.

- Fixed: Failure on Windows when target project is on a different drive letter from current working directory.

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