On Sunday, 28 June 2015 at 07:49:41 UTC, Charles Hixson wrote:
I took some code that was annotated safe, and modified it to use a buffer internal to the class, and an offset counter. Some of the routines adjusted the counter. I forgot to remove the "safe" annotation.

It compiled without error.  So...
1) The compiler didn't check for safety
2) It counts as safe if you only modify local-to-the-class variables (and I misunderstood).
3) This error is only detected on execution

But which?

(I'm still writing the code, so I can't yet try to execute it, and I took off the safe annotation because after I read the definition in TDPL it seemed a mistaken annotation. But perhaps I misunderstand.)

Please don't post in Announce for questions, Learn would be a better place.

For your problem, reading the list http://dlang.org/function.html#safe-functions I'm not sure what is unsafe in what you do.

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