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On a related note, the paper version of the book is in proofing stage: I
have just ordered a print copy for proofing. (I don't expect any major
problem as what they print is the same as the pdf copy.) It should hit
Amazon soon.

I am also trying to determine the price for the paper copy.
Unfortunately, the threshold price for standard distribution channels
came out to be a little over $17, which is almost the same as what I was
hoping to sell for. Adding extended distribution channels pushes the
threshold price to over $25. :(

I actually think that's quite cheap. Compare that with the dragon book [1], which costs $144.83 for the hardcover. And even more for the Kindle version, unless I completely misunderstand the page.

[1] http://www.amazon.com/Compilers-Principles-Techniques-Tools-2nd/dp/0321486811

/Jacob Carlborg

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