On 26/07/2015 12:20 a.m., Martin Nowak wrote:
Second beta for the 2.068.0 release.


Also available on Travis-CI as dmd-2.068.0-b2.

The changelog (http://dlang.org/changelog.html#2.068.0) contains a list
of all fixed issues that will be included in 2.068.0.
A description of library and language changes is still upcoming.

This beta comes with 27 dmd, 2 druntime, and 4 phobos fixes.


Please report any bugs at https://issues.dlang.org.


*Grumbles* I was hoping a bug I found was fixed in ~master. It's not.
I'll submit bug report later but:

Internal error: backend\cgcv.c 217

But only in -debug -m64 without -v on Windows. With -v or -release, it builds fine.

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