On Friday, 31 July 2015 at 15:52:09 UTC, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
SDLang-D: A library to parse/generate SDL (Simple Data Language) files. Offers both DOM and StAX/Pull APIs.

SDL is like XML/JSON/YAML, but is low-verbosity, simpler than YAML, and supports comments and basic datatypes. It looks like this:

// An example of SDL:
folder "myFiles" color="yellow" protection=on {
    folder "my images" {
        file "myHouse.jpg" color=true date=2005/11/05
        file "myCar.jpg" color=false date=2002/01/05
    // Another folder
    folder "my documents" {
        document "resume.pdf"

SDLang-D Homepage:

Changes for v0.9.2:
Full Changelog:

- New: Uses travis-ci.org for continuous integration testing.

- Change: Updated package.json to newer dub.json name.

- Fixed: #16: Now fixed for DUB users, too: Access Violation when using the pull parser.

- Fixed: #21: Remove unneeded "buildOptions" from DUB package config (fixes a DUB warning) (@schuetzm)

- Fixed: #28/#29: Wrong line count for Windows style line breaks. (@s-ludwig)

- Fixed: Fixed running unittests via DUB. (Part of #29) (@s-ludwig)

- Fixed: Trailing line comments incorrectly treated as line continuation instead of newline (Related: #20, plus libsdl-d's e565f30 and c6dc722) (@Dicebot)

- Improved: #22/#23: Internal improvements (@schuetzm)

Haven't looked at this at all really, just a quick question:

Are there straightforward library calls or command line utilities for converting between the shared subset of json and SDL?

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