Hi All,

   I've just been in touch with Kingsley Hendrickse who's
unfortunately not going to have time to organise the London D
Programmer meetups in the future. Which is a real shame - I only
attended one of the two meetups but I was quite impressed with the
calibre of people that turned up, and Kinglsey did a great job of
organising it :-)

   I'd really hate for this initiative to die off just as it was
getting going. So I thought I'd just ping the London community and see
if there was any appetite for anyone to pick up the baton, so to
speak. Normally I'd just say "I'll do it" but I'm on the verge of
beginning a new job (literally starting tomorrow!), so I need to wait until I'm achieved some sort of equilibrium there before I commit to
anything else.

One thought I had was maybe a 'rolling' organiser would make sense? Committing to organising one meetup is a far less onerous commitment
than becoming a full fledged card-carrying organiser so maybe that
would make sense?! I'd quite happily commit to organising one meetup
if there was a rotating quorum of organisers willing to step up. (
Probably wouldn't do any harm to the old linked-in profile :-) ).

   Anyway lets know your thoughts. The meetup group 'dies' on 17th
August unless someone else steps up - hopefully that won't happen :-)



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