I am happy to announce the (somewhat overdue) release of ∅MQD v1.0!

∅MQD is a D library that wraps the low-level C API of the ∅MQ (aka. ZeroMQ) messaging framework. It is a rather thin wrapper that maps closely to the C API, while providing modern D features that make the framework safer, easier and more pleasant to use. (In other words, ∅MQD is not just a plain C binding(*)!)

Code:         https://github.com/kyllingstad/zmqd
Dub package:  http://code.dlang.org/packages/zmqd
API docs:     https://kyllingstad.github.io/zmqd/zmqd_v1.0.html

This version works with ∅MQ v4.x, and has 100% support for all ∅MQ v4.0 functionality. A few small ∅MQ 4.1 features are missing, but support for those will be added in an upcoming 1.1 release in the not-too-distant future.

Before use, please have a look at the README, specifically the section "A word of caution about the C library bindings". The ∅MQ guys have introduced some ABI incompatibilities in recent versions, so it it important that the D-to-C bindings match the library version you have installed.


(*) If plain C bindings are what you want, check out Deimos/ZeroMQ:


∅MQD depends on these bindings, so I try to keep them up to date with stable ∅MQ releases.

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