Hi everyone,

during my development of a little game engine in my spare time with D I created a couple of libs and wanted to announce one of them that I find particularly useful.

A Dynamic binding for the Steam API:

dub: http://code.dlang.org/packages/derelict-steamworks
github: https://github.com/Extrawurst/DerelictSteamworks

I can finally announce this as the latest sdk release (1.34) includes a flat c-api by default that these bindings use.

There is a demo app in it that shows how to use especially the callback system (the only tricky part) and is my proof of concept.

BUT: The SDK is huge and I know that not every callback is supported yet since that is not strictly typed and you may need to add those based on the documentation when you stumble upon one not present yet.

In any case let's create the first platform independent game written in D on Steam!!!!


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