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Great work, thanks to Daniel and others who helped out, can't wait to use ddmd and see all the changes that come with it in the next couple releases.

I can't wait to use foreach internally!  No more manual for loops!

Can we look forward to a complete ddmd, ie backend and everything ported to D too, anytime soon?

I've started on the glue layer, and most of that should be done soon, but the backend brings a bunch of complications:
- The code style is nothing like the frontend
- It makes heavy use of the preprocessor
- We don't have a good way of testing it, which makes refactoring risky

My current plan is to create a nice text form of the backend's IR, then convert DMC's test suite to this format, with before and after snapshots. I can then feed these tests through DMD's backend (no need for a C++ frontend any more) to check for regressions, letting me start modernizing the code and converting it to D.

This is going to take a while.

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