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On Monday, 31 August 2015 at 21:29:09 UTC, anonymous wrote:
On Monday 31 August 2015 23:09, Minas Mina wrote:

I have started a series of tutorials in D.

This is my latest blog post, which is about dynamic arrays:

Constructive criticism is welcome.

"Dynamic arrays are allocated on the garbage collected heap" "Dynamic
arrays can be sliced"

These are not wrong, but maybe a little bit misleading.

Static arrays and pointers can be sliced, too. And a slice of a static
array or pointer is ... dramatic pause ... a dynamic array that
doesn't necessarily refer to the GC heap.

I prefer the term "slice" to dynamic array. Because it's an unfamiliar
term it helps prevent confusion for people who are used to what other
languages call dynamic arrays.

I agree, but the spec calls them dynamic arrays as well. The model of the array runtime that I convey in the d array article (http://dlang.org/d-array-article.html) makes things easier to understand (at least for me), but it was kind of shunned as improper terminology :)


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