On Tuesday, 18 August 2015 at 19:35:02 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
I hate the movie "Field of Dreams" where they push the idiotic idea of "Build it and they will come." No, they won't. There's a blizzard of stuff competing for their attention out there, why should they invest the time looking at your stuff? You need to tell them why!

I've never seen that film but I remember a guy who would use this line when we were trying to revive a pub that was in dire straits. The truth is "No, they won't come, unless you have something really good to offer!"

The line is only true of TV, as they said in Seinfeld

"Well, why am I watching it? - Because it's on TV."

Yes, because people sit on their ar*es and consume it passively. But if you want them to actually do something, it's not enough to just build it.

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