On 09/13/2015 08:51 AM, Meta wrote:
> It's funny, people are willing to suspend their disbelief for demons
> from hell, but not for the lack of a flashlight and duct tape. It's
> probably because it was an annoying game mechanic, and taping a
> flashlight to a gun is something so simple and mundane that you *can't*
> suspend your disbelief at Doom Guy being unable to find a way to use
> both at once somehow.

Have you ever tried taping 8 different flashlights to 8 different
weapons ranging from a pistol to a badass BFG while carrying a
light-tank-load of ammunition?  I'm not even talking about finding tapes
in that demon-infested compound with those jammed office doors that once
you open them an imp (in the best case) tries to plasma-whack you!

Cut the doom guy some slack!  We owe him our very existence!


Bahman Movaqar

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