Hello Raphaël,
Sorry for the off topic, but how do you translate the book?
I   tried   to   contact   Ali  privately  about  Russian and possibly
Ukrainian translation (I'm
interested  in  doing  this just for the sake of spreading D and don't
expect any revenue), but unfortunately got no response(

With best regards from Ukraine,
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Subject: French translation of Ali Çehreli's "Programming in D" book : 53 
chapter translated


A few words to the D community to give news about the French translation 
of Ali Çehreli's "Programming in D" book.

Thanks to Oliver Pisano (translator) and Stéphane Goujet (proofreader), 
the translation is still alive. 53 chapters are translated and most have 
been proofread.

Thanks to Théo Bueno for hosting the translation.

There are 38 chapters pending for translation. If you speak French and 
you want to help, don't hesitate to contact me.


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