On Tuesday, 22 September 2015 at 15:11:55 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
Another C feature you didn't know about: the standard allows to create a mutable pointer to const data and mutate it.

I didn't? Of course I did. In C++ other threads can write to const objects. The function receiving a const objects is not supposed to write to const. Const cast is supposed to be used for calling legacy const interfaces without a const signature.

But most of the time when you see const in C, it works as expected, so usually there shouldn't be a problem except for mangling.

No it doesn't. C++ even has an override for const object fields called "mutable", so that you can have things like reference counts in const objects.

Either D const is _always_ ensured or the compiler have to assume that it is _always_ violated after FFI.

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