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Not going to miss this opportunity!

Since I was apparently the only forum regular in the audience, figured I should post a follow-up.

First, the event was recorded. There was a professional A/V studio working with multiple cameras, additional lighting, the works (though they did have some audio problems in the beginning). Andrei confirmed that the recordings will be published.

The audience was packed - 400 people in total. Quite amazing. I did not recognize anyone, which on the other hand is great because the event reached 399 people new to D :) Also the % of women was much higher than the past DConfs I've attended. There were a few people in the audience familiar with recent/untraditional programming languages (Rust, Nim, Haskell) so there was some nice dialogue at times (Andrei had to impose a budget on the first 5 rows to get the rest of the audience to participate).

The event was organized very well considering the audience size and free attendance. There were free t-shirts, beverages, snacks, and even beer at the end - very nice of Siemens.

The talks:

The schedule was rearranged a bit, so it doesn't quite correspond to the one on the website (or I might be just misremembering). IIRC, the order was: welcome address, "Three cool things about D" by Andrei, "Interfacing D to legacy C++ code" by Walter, "Writing quick code, quickly" by Andrei, followed by the panel.

Andrei's first talk was mainly concerning with "pure", its variants (strong/weak), rules and benefits, as well as a quick description of CTFE and the famous ctRegex benchmark where D beats everything else. I'm not sure if some slides were skipped over due to time constraints.

Walter's talk was about how D was extended to gradually support more ways to interface with C++ (class/vtable layouts, namespaces, extern(C++), name mangling etc.) and how it helped DDMD.

Andrei's second talk, "Writing quick code, quickly" was not related to D, but I enjoyed it immensely. It covers some interesting optimization problems with some surprising solutions. I highly recommend watching this.

Finally, there was the panel with Scott Meyers. This included a book giveaway for the most embarrassing questions, of which there were many. A big part of the audience had left at this point though, as it was getting late. Many questions concerned D's ecosystem, e.g. whether we have good debugging GUIs for all platforms, which we don't for OS X. The books were TDPL (the rare edition with no author on the cover), Ali's D book, and a C++ book by either Andrei or Scott (unfortunately I do not remember), all signed by their authors.

This was all for the conference. We took the rest of the weekend to tour Brașov and do some sightseeing. The most striking thing about the city is the number of roundabouts - probably 90% of intersections were replaced by them! If you're around, do make sure to make the climb to the mountain looming above the old city (or just take the cable car), the view is awesome.

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