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Few jobs are safe choices for a future career. However, the programmer job is guaranteed as being a „gold bracelet”. Who and especially how can one innitiate this path? A respected specialist from Silicon Valley will answer these questions for us.

His name is Andrei Alexandrescu - and is known as the "Romanian from Facebook". And he came to iLikeIT with Walter Bright and Scott Myers. All three are among the world’s brightest minds in the software field. Andrei Alexandrescu and Walter Bright have been working on D language programming for 9 years and Scott Meyers is a famous author of ++ books (C++ is exactly the programming language that D is supposed to replace).

They came to hold a conference in Brasov, then visited Romania and finally arrived in the iLikeIT studio. Walter Bright says he began programming when he was bored playing games and started to look in their code to modify it. Then, he has been working in C++ for years, with a continuous desire to improve it - and the easiest way to do this was to create his own programming language.

"The easiest way to persuade young people to learn programming is to find something that's useful and can guarantee immediate success. Therefore, I think they should first take up programming on mobile devices, " said Scott Meyers.

You can learn more about programming visiting - which is supported by Facebook - or Both are very good for young people who want to initiate a programming career.

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