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Hi, this link https://github.com/BBasile/Coedit/ doesn't work for me ((

Coedit is now (since three weeks to be more accurate) a private software. I've removed all what was deletable but obviously all the previous announces on the NG are going to remain.

Any particular reason?

Yes, I don't care anymore.

The fact is that I always knew that I was losing my time but this was acceptable until a certain point.

Anyway, you know, when you like no longer, negative critics take over. So, to continue would have been quite unhealthy.

Why not just leave it up for someone else to take over in a fork?


"well, I feel really stupid right now..."

No. Seriously, to delete everything is a bit immature. Maybe I'll resurect Coedit with a new branding in a few monthes but for now I'm still a bit angry with D and the D people...

I'm sorry you feel that way. Let me tell you the positive influence CoEdit had on me.

I'm a newbie to D, who was looking for an IDE on Mac. I found CoEdit on github and realised it does not compile on Mac OSX, and posted an issue and followed up a couple of small PRs. (username: btbytes)

This was good for me in two respects:

1. I had never programmed in Pascal before and CoEdit gave me an opportunity. 2. I felt i had made positive contribution to people using D on Mac.

I hope that you will be back on github with CoEdit.

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