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> The build process got much simpler 2 weeks ago though, now that 
> it doesn't depend on an LLVM source tree and an external Clang 
> executable anymore it's almost identical to building LDC.

In which case I will start trying to build it and use it. If D code can
access C++ as well as C libraries without masses of adapter building,
the case for D get very much stronger.

An obviously interesting case is whether:

a. GtkD can make use of the features.

b. Whether we can create a Qt system more easily than any of the
current methods.

The backdrop to this follows on from the point Laeeth made about
quantlib. Being able to do the calculations is one thing, but
visualizing the data and results is where the real hook is. Hence it is
Matplotlib that is the real USP of the
Python/NumPy/SciPy/Pandas/IPython/Jupyter stack. Also the plotting in
R, Matlab, Mathematica.

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