On Sunday, 1 November 2015 at 17:23:19 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
On 10/31/2015 01:00 PM, BBasile wrote:

Despite of what I had say previously I've encountered another "inliner" bug today that looks like a regression. I don't know what's the 2.069 ETA but I'm not sure to be able to file a bugzilla entry quickly.

Please just file ticket with whatever you have (e.g. project x fails with ...). We can reduce the code ourself or might already recognize the
Regarding the ETA, we're already overdue by 2 weeks.


Done: https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15272

However not sure it will help. I didn't manage to reduce and it's hard to build & test. As you said maybe someone will recognize error. Among the workarounds I've found there's one which is particularly unbelievable.

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