On 12/11/15 1:26 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Walter and I are planning major marketing moves, for which there's a
necessity to describe my relationship with D succinctly. People
routinely introduce me as "co-creator of D" and I need to explain "well,
D had already been created when I joined but I worked on a number of
features" etc.

Although D looks quite different now than it was in 2006, the "creation"
act only happens once, so "co-creator" is inaccurate and shifts credit
inappropriately. Last thing you want in PR is someone in the crowd to go
"wait, but you didn't create it" and the next-to-last thing is to need
to define the relationship between you and what you're selling as "well,
it's complicated".

So we mulled over this for a while and we decided to go with "D Language
Architect". I'll use that henceforth. Walter will remain of course the
"D Language Creator".

No need to call me that way :o).



So I take it, it's time for a "The D programming language and your future" book?

Would be awesome to define what is wanted for D3, along with project goals ext. in it. That way we can incrementally work towards it in D2.

LeanPub would be awesome for this. Add on having it on Github so to accept changes. Also means that you don't have to release any time soon.

Anyway, hello big A(rchitect)!

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