On 13/11/2015 14:52, anonymous wrote:

I/we should make an SVG version that uses paths instead of <text>, so
that it doesn't depend on a local font. Maybe agree on the font first,

With the chosen font installed ("Droid Sans", Apache 2.0 licence) the text balances well (or at least better than with the font my system was substituting) with the graphic in both weight and spacing. I think the capitalised D works well enough too.

I have a personal dislike of narrow D glyphs, so I'd like to move the swoosh a small distance from the spire to add a horizontal hint to the outline.

I think the text could be closer to the glyph, and higher, such that the D is in about the 2-o'clock position on the swoosh, which I think would reflect the Dlang logo more strongly.

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