On 11/19/2015 10:32 PM, Jack Stouffer wrote:

>> On 11/18/2015 12:35 PM, Ali Çehreli wrote:
>>> "Fireside Chat with Andrei, Foundation Update, Q4 Technical Update"
>>> http://www.meetup.com/D-Lang-Silicon-Valley/events/226112242/

> I missed it, did anyone record it?

No but there wasn't a set agenda nor a presentation anyway.

- Truedat has experience with non-profit organizations. So, he gave Andrei and myself some information that would be helpful with D Language Foundation.

- Andrei explained some of the challenges in designing containers like the 'persistent list', which is also buried in this discussion:


- There were a couple of very experienced people from Silicon Valley companies who are new to D. They talked about their initial reactions to the language. (Mostly positive.) It was great finally meeting them in person. One of them explained that D is known more in academia than we might think. Apparently, it is always considered when it comes to thinking about what language to use when teaching particular concepts; e.g. contract programming.

- deadalnix was there, who is always a great person to have around both technically and friendshippally. :p

Other than that, we were just bunch of programmers talking for three hours! (Being on a different time zone, Andrei had to leave earlier than that.)


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