On 28.11.2015 10:59, Daniel N wrote:

Thanks, works great. Only some minor issues:
Some of the GUI optimization options doesn't propagate correctly to ldc.

inline: no effect

According to the LDC help screen, inlining is enabled with -O2 or higher. Not sure, if this should be undone if the inline option is not checked.

boundscheck: no effect

Will fix, I have to add the 3-way bounds check option for dmd anyway.

singleobj: no gui option available and without it, the performance of my
app is abysmal, that's how I noticed these issues.

I suspect there is no cross-module inlining without this option. Should match the inverse of "Multiple Object Files", though that does something slightly different with dmd.

Optimization levels: only one level is exposed in the GUI

Unfortunately, the optimization options don't match between compilers, so I guess it needs to be customized for each compiler.

Fortunately the workaround is easy, adding this to "additional options":
-O5 -inline -boundscheck=off -singleobj

Daniel N

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