On Wednesday, 9 December 2015 at 09:18:37 UTC, default0 wrote:
One of the things I did manage to try was putting a readln() into the standard hello-world-console-app preset. Turns out that it causes dlangide to hang up because it's not actually possible to have user input (or to configure dlangide to start the project separately so a regular console window appears). Killing the started process also was not possible since the respective option to stop debugging is still grayed out.
Input hangs because running currently is just invoking of `dub run` - with input and output redirected. Output is shown in IDE message log, but for input just nothing is sent. I'm working on debugging, and as well will implement running apps w/o debugger with separate console.

Sounds good! When the typical edit-compile-debug cycle works this will probably already be enough to start using it for smaller projects :-)

Running in external console is implemented.
Run button now starts dub build, and if build is successful executes program in external console.
Stop button added.
Xterm is used as external console on posix.

Tested under windows and linux.

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